About us

Since we were kids we always wanted to make games. As kids, we spent our free time playing games on the computer and then imitating playing games outdoors. Before 2000 we completed a couple of games on QBasic and Visual Basic and had a few projects but never finished them. It wasn't until 2005 when Jussi actually finished a game project on Flash.

In 2006 Asteroid Adventure marked the beginning of ooPixel as we know it today and bound us to Flash technology. Since then we've completed a total of some ten games and collected tens of millions of hits with our games. We've also been recognised in various game competitions around the globe.

Jussi Kari

Jussi is in it for the code and overall gaming experience. It is also Jussi who mostly keeps in touch with ooPixel partners and sponsors. He loves to do ridiculous experiments on new frameworks, devices, environments and controls. And of course - he loves to play with cool particle effects.

His favourite games include Braid, Dolphin Olympics 2, Monkey Island series, Zelda series and Another World to mention only a few among many. Jussi admires story telling skills and great humour of the legendary Douglas Adams (RIP). He favourites anything that Marvin has said; "I'd give you advice, but you wouldn't listen. No one ever does." or "It gives me a headache just trying to think down to your level.", for example.

Marko Taali

Marko takes responsibility of art direction - graphics, music, text and overall experience - at ooPixel. He also hangs out at Facebook and occasionally answers your questions at various game corners in the internet. He loves his sketchbook and experimenting with music.

Marko's favourite games include Monkey Island series, Zelda series, Another World, Dolphin Olympics and other captivating and challenging games. His favourite author of fiction by far is Stephen King whose books Marko reads almost every night. He loves to quote King on various occasions and you can find items from King's novels and short stories in ooPixel games. Marko also listens to tons of music.

License a


There's a great form on Contact us page which you can use to request for licenses for your site. You can of course always send email to firstname.lastname at oopixel.com.