Buy visibility from ooPixel’s new iPhone game

Released in Aug. 01 2011 Comment

Is your brand cool, fun and original? Here’s your chance!

As the insiders already know, we’re building an iPhone version of our popular game Escape The Red Giant but with simpler controls and more achievements, waypoints and Fun.

If you think your brand is worth it and your product interesting enough we’re giving you a chance to appear in the game as one of the waypoints on Spip The Boy’s way to outer space.

How does it work?

No long and complicated contracts, no big promises of millions of views. We’re doing this for the love of it. If you’re the ‘Funky Ecological Bananas’ slash ‘The Best Hipster Axes in The World’ slash ‘Bold and Sexy Front End Developer’ -kind of brand, then you’re in the right place! Everything can be discussed - including the price.

What does it look like?

Here are the first public screen shots. The shots are 320 x 480 pixels but the final game is going to support retina display as well! Keep in mind that these screen shots only show a work in progress and they’re here to give you a better picture of what you’re getting.

Here you can see one of the waypoints, “The Rings of Saturn”

Here Spip is taking a rest on an asteroid. Hopefully he isn’t resting too long though…

...because there is sun and the mission is to Escape the Red Giant!

Want to know more?

Contact us and we’ll discuss details.

Type faster with TypeFox

Released in Aug. 16 2010 Comment

Just a quick note that I have released a cool free web service, TypeFox, that allows users to learn type faster and get statistics for development. Service supports currently Qwerty and Dvorak keyboard layouts and provides 10 different difficulty levels for each letting users start learning ten finger system right from the beginning. Exercises take only 5 minutes so you can do one easily every now and then. Service was written because I am interested in learning Dvorak and wasn’t exactly happy with any of the available browser based services, especially their lack of statistics.

Read full release news here.

This doesn’t mean Gride Worlds development is down, it definitely isn’t.

Screenshots on Gride Worlds

Released in Jul. 23 2010 Comment

Sorry I haven’t informed you more about our progress. If you are interested in more frequent updates, please follow me on Twitter.

Summer has been hot here in Finland and it has definitely slowed our development a little. But no need to worry, we are still constantly progressing - I just got a set of new graphics the day before yesterday from Marko and hunted myself some memory leaks yesterday. This is easily our most ambitious project and it’ll take time. And it’ll be worth all the time.

Currently we have all the first world main levels designed and most are utilized as well. All the menu graphics and such are almost complete, also the actual gameplay components for the first world and some for the second world are written. I guess the biggest thing now is to design and draw tens of levels in different world themes. Of course there are lots of other things to do, like tweaking game play, polishing menu, improving performance and such.

But hey, here are two screenshots to keep you interested :)



Happy Birthday Andrew!

Released in Apr. 08 2010 Comment

Happy Birthday Andrew the Droid.

Today we’re celebrating the birthday of Andrew the Droid and as a gift we’ve decided to permanently lower the price of Samegame Gravitized on iTunes!

Andrew was born somewhere out there on 128th of The Great Horn in 20210 and now celebrates his 1st Birthday. Wow!

Dropbox rules, amazing tool for file sharing

Released in Jan. 15 2010 Comment

Well, at first, sorry for no updates in a long time. But don’t worry, we are progressing nicely with Gride Worlds. I have almost fully functional first level demo on my iPhone. And it looks amazing!

We have recently began using Dropbox in sharing our files. Marko throws new sounds and graphics there and I am having the whole source code there. This is really amazing bacause:

- We no longer need to send email attachments to each other or files via MSN and try to guess which files are the newest versions - We both have always the newest files in a shared directory
- We have full version history and I can, for example, restore yesterday files if I did something stupid
- My Dropbox client immediately throws me a notification when Marko adds new stuff to our shared folder, and files are downloaded about the same time on my computer
- I can check out Markos newest contributions with my iPhone Dropbox client where ever I am

For developers, for anyone, I truly recommend getting yourself a Dropbox account. It’s not only for sharing files, it’s also a secure location to save your files and have them available on any of your computers (and others too via Web client). Clients are available for Windows, Linux, Mac and iPhone. And had you something else, there is a web UI as well.

I highly recommend you to get free 2GB account. Get it through this referral link to get additional 256MB (and I get additional 256 too for referring).

Exposing ooPixel’s next project

Released in Nov. 13 2009 Comment

It’s not long since we released Samegame Gravitized for iPhone, but we have already started planning and even implementing our next project! And unlike ever before, I am going to tell you what it is.

We are again going to create an iPhone game - don’t worry, we have not changed permanently from Flash to iPhone, most likely our next game will be Flash again. This project might eventually be ported to Flash as well. We are going to create a game that has been the most requested game from us. It is Gride. I mean, a sequel to Gride. We call it “Gride Worlds” - it’s work name but may as well be the final name for it - I kind of like it.

But it will have a lot changed from Flash Gride. Some keywords for the new Gride project are: Physics, Arcade, Worlds, Levels, Secrets, Unlocking, Modes, Story. I am also writing an engine that allows us to draw levels in any SVG program and then include it directly to our game. That’s so cool. Well, I think I revealed enough already. This project is the biggest ooPixel project we have ever done!

About date, I am not giving out any dates just yet. All I am gonna tell is that release will happen during next year :)

Samegame Gravitized promocode giveaway draw

Released in Oct. 30 2009 Comment

We’ve got a giveaway draw for you all using Twitter. Retweet the following to enter!

New #iPhone #puzzle #game Samegame Gravitized available now at Retweet to enter 5 promo codes giveaway draw.

Samegame Gravitized out now!

Released in Oct. 29 2009 Comment

The game has now finally been released. It’s available for price $0.99 the first week (after that $1.99).

Game info on our site:
Preview video:
Get it from AppStore:

We still do have some promo codes left for reviewers. So if you are one and would like to write a review of our game on any site, we’d love that. Just contact us and ask for a promo code.

Samegame Gravitized Teasers

Released in Oct. 10 2009 Comment

Video and screenshots from ooPixel’s new iPhone puzzle game Samegame Gravitized are available now! The game will be available in the App Store approximately in two weeks. Stay tuned!

Call for iPhone game reviewers

Released in Sep. 24 2009 Comment

Do you have a site reviewing iPhone games? We’d like to get our new game reviewed on various sites and we’d love to throw out some PROMO codes for reviewers. We’d also love to give some material for these sites before the app is available on AppStore! So please contact us on our contact us page and let us know that you are interested in our forthcoming game and would like some PROMO codes (how many you need?) and we’ll put you among the first to know. After that, we’ll keep you posted. You’ll get info about the game and screenshots for your site before it’s even out!

Or if you are just a gamer and love ooPixel games. You can also contact us and we’ll let you know when we have any public material and when the game is available on app store. Contact us!

The game will be complete in approximately 2-3 weeks (+AppStore queue).

Please share this information, in Twitter, Facebook or anywhere!