Escape the Red Giant

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Blast your way through space and collect millions of points by exploring all some 50 tricks and performing unbelievable combos.

Jump from asteroid to asteroid in this quick and addictive action game. You need to keep jumping fast enough away from the approaching sun while collecting points and combo multipliers. Remember to grab some Kaboom bars for extra speed. How far can you get?

Use left and right arrow keys to move the boy on an asteroid. Use up key or space to jump. Having up key pressed makes you crash through an asteroid asteroid when you have enough speed. The game is over when the red giant reaches you.

mak | Aug. 02 2011

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here we come, come come!

Brett | Jan. 10 2011

Escape the Red Giant is definitely in my top ten internet games of all time. The problem I have with it is when I go so fast that the game can’t keep up with me (although I guess that could just be my computer). Also, there is a ton of spam posted in the comments. Could you maybe clean it up a little bit? Its pretty ridiculous.

aaa | Dec. 25 2010

amazing game

george | Nov. 25 2010

very very addictive.

Emmanuel | Nov. 23 2010

Those fake messages are getting more and more pathetic.

asbestos | Oct. 10 2010

Firefox stopped responding for a couple minutes, but when it finally resumed I had well over 80 mil points.

miv | Oct. 05 2010

Yes, this is very hard. Has anyone reached the point after the �don�t panic� stage?

jackson | Oct. 04 2010

jumping fast enough away from the approaching sun while collecting points and combo multipliers.

mercyverna | Aug. 28 2010

Hello its, really great game. I hv never played such an exciting game. Escape rocks!

Well | Aug. 27 2010

Great free game! Thanks )

neontetra | Jul. 30 2010

geez, how is it that I can hit a speed of 260 by swinging all the way around planets, but I still can’t hit the Dolphin Jump?  Life is pain.

invader1000 | Jul. 02 2010

Reminds me of Boards of Canada , the main theme that is!, what music soft was used? great game, quite addictive.

jordan II kicks | Jun. 16 2010

At first I thought the highest scorers were hacking (well, some of them probably are, as their scores are oddly round) but now I see that it is possible with just glitching
jordan II kicks

Nemo | Jun. 14 2010


ConicalPile | Jun. 05 2010

I’ve been playin this game for a month now, every morning when I get to work. As Nemo said, nothing too good until one weird jump froze my computer. Firefox stopped responding for a couple minutes, but when it finally resumed I had well over 80 mil points.

Im also gonna stop now because that will never be beaten.

Score: 87,692,514 points
Longest Jump: 76,799,811 units
Longest Combo: 182 tricks
Highest Multiplier: 28.37x
Top Speed: 384,245 units
Asteroids Destroyed: 62
Max Vertical Travel: 60,312 units

Nemo | May. 31 2010

I played again for the first time in a while. Nothing special until one weird jump froze my computer. Firefox stopped responding for a couple minutes, but when it finally resumed I was riding the hugest dolphin jump I had ever witness. After my combo ended I had over 40 million points. At first I thought the highest scorers were hacking (well, some of them probably are, as their scores are oddly round) but now I see that it is possible with just glitching, and in my case, unintentional glitching at that.

I’m gonna stop now because I’ll never top that.

Score: 46,254,412 points
Longest Jump: 40,369,283 units
Longest Combo: 85 tricks
Highest Multiplier: 28.39x
Top Speed: 202094 units
Asteroids Destroyed: 60
Max Vertical Travel: 31728 units

Nier | May. 29 2010


John/French Suck/USA USA | May. 24 2010

Okay. I am done.  This has been fun, but i am bored with the game now. 

Hope you all enjoy continuing to play. 

To the rest of the world,  thanks for the competition.  Always nice to have people push you to be better.  I am going to stay content having the 31st hightest score of all time. 


Emmanuel | May. 06 2010

Sorry I fed the troll. Won’t happen again.

French Suck | Apr. 25 2010

Dear French -  You all banded together to fight for your country’s honor.  I am very impressed.  First time the French didn’t just surrender in a fight.  :-)  Great job.

The French Suck! | Apr. 15 2010

Finally!  Hit the Dolphin Jump! Longest Jump -1,124,814! Top Speed 5983! I can stop playing now!

orlando photographers | Apr. 14 2010

Improvements in radar technology make it possible to image small asteroids that pass close to the Earth almost as well as by spacecraft flybys.

barbie giydirme oyunları | Mar. 23 2010

this game is amazing dude. it makes me crazy :)

mike | Feb. 03 2010

There is nothing but asteroids after the “Don’t Panic!”... just keep on going… ;)

And Bistromatic is the fastest speed.

A Dolphin jump is based on how much space you travel.  And in order to do so, you must pull have some insane combos..

Out of my experience, it seems like if you’re able to perform several bistromatic jumps in a row, it eventually freaks out and send you rocketing through space… thus obtaining your ever-so amazing Dolphin Jump.

I, unfortunately, have always had too many asteroids in the way where it slowed me down considerably….

Good Luck!

a poor litlle french | Jan. 31 2010

What is after bistromatic drive and after Don’t panic??
How can i do a dolphin jump it’s impossible!

Alisa | Jan. 24 2010

I have not played. I’ve just let it play the music for like.. ten minutes. I love it.

Sha Ne Ne | Jan. 12 2010

It glitched. I hit space bar and scored 47,456,673,662pts. The guy flew through the side of my computer, through all my walls and into the horizon. Game Over.

Andrea | Dec. 12 2009

Dud’s u gotta help me, how the hell do u get that much punctuation? I mean, i reach to poor pluto and that’s it! Andy advice??? Plissss??? :)

neontetra | Dec. 07 2009

okay, i’m fishing for some tips & tricks again.  several times i’ve noticed that if your guy is going about a 45 deg angle from center, it kind of lines up with the spacing of kaboom bars sometimes.  i hit enough of them one time to get a universe jump.

has anyone else noticed this—a “best direction” to get the most boosts on one jump?

foot | Dec. 02 2009

well, that pretty much ends my gaming experience.

It glitched. I pressed spacebar. I got 20million. Win.

My stats:
longest jump - 11,698,359
longest combo - 416
highest multiplier - 30.74
top speed - 59117
astroid destroyed - 110
max vertical travel - 9105

Here’s a hint: If you press spacebar, it continues the asteroids destroyed combo. Once you break twelve, press up instead of spacebar, and then restart. Its an easy way to get 7m + scores legitly in game.

sur le table | Nov. 27 2009

viva la dolphin jump

TheSun007 | Nov. 17 2009

longest jump: 58115
longest combo: 596

GodHimself | Nov. 14 2009

Ive got the 7th highest score of all time with 18 million.  The trick I use is the pause button!! ;)

foot | Nov. 14 2009

hmm… guess thats why you got the 11.6mil score then :P

That’s funny that i’ve never seen it, esp after my 12591 unit speed glitch… maybe they do time differently? Or I got one, but my astroid crushing put it out of view.
Gratz on the top 50 score.

yeee | Nov. 14 2009

No it’s definitely not the big dolphin level. I wasn’t anywhere near it at the time. The jump sent me from the little “chino” satellite to way past the “don’t panic” alien in like 10 seconds and it said “the dolphin jump” as i took off.

foot | Nov. 13 2009

are you sure that isn’t a “big dolphin”, right after “heaven in heaven” ?

yeee | Nov. 12 2009

“The Dolphin jump” comes up in the trick listings at the bottom of the screen when you do one. so real.

jimbo | Nov. 09 2009

dolphin jump is when it glitches like that and you just instantly hit crazy speed

foot | Nov. 09 2009

My top speed ever was 12591 - somehow the thing glitched, and I went straight to “Don’t Panic”. I then got a Zen Crusher, but I don’t think I got a dolphin jump. I think you guys are making that crap up.

anyhow, just scored my highest multiplier yet, x30.74. Too bad I couldn’t keep it up, I was on track for a high score. Woot for 6502630.

TheSun007 | Nov. 09 2009

this time I got it right:
longest jump: 261617
max. vertical travel: 584
but half the speed.

thesun007 | Nov. 08 2009

top speed: 2468
longest jump: 215088
but I caught it horizontally so I didn’t get very far,

jimbo | Nov. 03 2009

wow….just dolphin jumped 189161 units in length at 1257 speed….

no way | Oct. 31 2009

english!!!!  if you spin around a planet 50 times then press up its automatic dolphin jump

leo | Oct. 30 2009

je comprend pas ce que disent les commentaires precedant mais j’aime bien se jeu

lennonluiz | Oct. 19 2009

WOW berzerker and galaxy jump in 170 speed!!!

lennonluiz | Oct. 19 2009

mose, can be an asteroid close to you!
and i have an hard hint to all tht know that is hard.
crussh all wrong direction asteroids in ur way!

lennonluiz | Oct. 15 2009

noe, you get a cool speed!
try get kaboom bars at it speed!
the first time that i get bistromatic drive, more than 140, i get that speed that u talked and a kaboom bar.

lennonluiz | Oct. 14 2009

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr when i jumped on the certain speed i dont holded up.
that part of jumping in the “certain” speed is insanely complex. is almost impossible…

lennonluiz | Oct. 13 2009

O.O i get 363…..

lennonluiz | Oct. 13 2009

upto 149 speed sequel.
in the same method that i need to dolphin jump it happened…

lennonluiz | Oct. 13 2009

I GET IT! dont have things after dont panic.
i only get 5 mil…


lennonluiz | Oct. 13 2009

joemoron, sun dive is if u land later you jump down, but it dont make mart of that sequel.

Nerl).3 | Sep. 27 2009

I believe I’ve found a glitch.

If you press R moments while dying, the screen will continue on to the Stats page, but get stuck there. Pressing U does nothing, and pressing R just refreshes the Stats page. Is the game assuming that you’ve already press R and therefor you’ve already restarted, when you haven’t really?

It’s easily solved by refreshing the page though, so, y’know.

I’ve been trying a new strategy of sun surfing, then using the boost you get from Burn Baby Burn to hope for a perfect landing on a small planet to get me a dolphin jump. It’s also a nice way to get some quick Sun Dive combos, but it’s rather hard. I’ve also tried jumping back and forth from two planets to gather speed, but to aim just that perfectly is much to difficult. Sigh.

yeee | Sep. 26 2009

As far as I can tell it happens randomly. Unless someone’s got a method?  I’ve only dolphin jumped once and I wasn’t even going that fast before it happened it just started going nuts ... and I’ve scored higher many times without the jump. 
Although it was pretty cool when it did happen. I was beginning to think it didn’t even exist.

dr. willy | Sep. 26 2009

ive been playing this game forever, just got #12 of all time.  I did it without even using the dolphin jump…anyone know how to do the dolphin jump consistantly?

JoeMoron2000 | Sep. 22 2009

Sun Dive -> Sun Tan -> Sun Surf -> Sunny Beach -> Asleep in the Sun -> Burning Feet -> Burn Baby Burn?

Mose | Sep. 21 2009

“Having up key pressed makes you crash through an asteroid asteroid when you have enough speed.” I crash through the asteroids regardless of having up pressed or not. I can’t get going fast enough because I always end up crushing instead of being able to land or slide.

Nerl).3 | Sep. 21 2009

Gotta say, I can’t ever seem to get fast enough to make a dolphin jump - and when I do, I always seem to be going in the wrong direction. Phooey.

Nemo | Sep. 01 2009

Nemo here, holder of several high scores. Dolphin jumping is almost essential in order to get a high score. Also, don’t break your combo. EVER. Unless you’ve only made a few jumps, it’s more time efficient to start over and hope you can keep your combo longer. Big Combo + Dolphin Jump = high score, usually.

robocop | Aug. 25 2009

The dolphin jump is very hard to do, basically you have to get your speed so high that you can hold UP for a VERY LONG time and then the screen goes nuts.  Its like if you are in hyper drive for like 10 seconds and then hit a bunch of kaboom bars.

neontetra | Aug. 25 2009

okay, fine, all you Dolphin Jump-ers.  just answer me this—when you hit the jump and accelerate all crazy, are you *already* going something like Bistromatic or Hyper Drive speed and just manage to do a Reaction Landing in the normal way ... or is there some other trick to it that i’m missing?

damn this game—i can’t stop until i see the Dolphin Jump myself ...

Lea Leone | Aug. 22 2009

I reached Zen crusher right now, someone asked about number of destroyed asteroids…

gman | Aug. 20 2009

i think bistromatic drive is after hyper drive

bucket | Aug. 19 2009

just got up to hyper drive speed! straight down of course… anyone know what’s after that?

bucket | Aug. 19 2009

i’ve got up to bezerker with asteriod crush (10), but i’m not sure what’s after that. What’s the fastest speed you can get? I’ve only got up to tachyon…

neontetra | Aug. 18 2009

hi all—been playing this wonderful game for a while, and wanted to ask the pros:  any tips on (reliably) achieving super-huge speeds?  after I get up to Tachyon Speed, it gets really hard to keep getting the Reaction Landings that speed the little guy up.


Erwin Parker | Aug. 17 2009

Large Jump, Giant Jump, Planet Jump, Galaxy Jump, Universe Jump, Quantum Jump, The Big Dolphin Jump.

I haven’t figured out what I do exactly but sometimes when I hold arrow up then the planet will not break but it will accelerate my speed so big that I fly out from the screen… after reaching The Big Dolphin Jump i start hearing planet thumps again and finally see the fellow again.

Jussi Kari | Aug. 17 2009

Really nice to see some discussion here!

You are right about there not being anything after “don’t panic”. Congrats for making it all the way up there!

Dolphin jump is actually something that you get when you jump long enough without landings (“large jump”, “giant jump”, “planet jump”, ... , “dolphin jump” ). Crushing through asteroids is allowed. Basically you can achieve dolphin jump by gathering enough speed first and then just keep crushing through asteroids (and hope no biggies are on your way).

Now, have you already found out what is the best asteroid crush combo?

Erwin Parker | Aug. 17 2009

There is no next stage after “Don’t panic”!

While I was making the record I was going up and up but no more stages after that.

While making the record I was lucky to make lots of dolphin jumps…

Lea Leone | Aug. 17 2009

Thanx for the hint, I’ll keep trying ‘till I go insane :)

Yes, this is very hard. Has anyone reached the point after the “don’t panic” stage?

rob | Aug. 17 2009

the dolphin jump is if you hit many many jumps right after eachother and gain a crazy speed.  what happens is the screen turns crazy, asteroids fly everywhere, looks like a glitch but it isnt.  if your guy is facing anywhere down when you do a dolphin jump you die because you go into the sun, but if hes facing up you will break a ton of asteroids and gain millions of points.

Its very hard to do, keep jumping off asteroids as soon as you hit them and gain momentum, blizar speed, tychron? speed, etc etc

Lea Leone | Aug. 15 2009

What is “dolphin jump” ? I’m playing this game for months, but never achieved it…?

Dolphin Jump | Aug. 15 2009

Best flash game ive ever played!  Im obsessed with two things:  1. Trying to do the crazy “dolphin jump”
2. Trying to see if there is a picture after the green alien with no eyes, ie. the “dont panic” setting

Erwin Parker | Aug. 14 2009

Good luck guys!

Ross | Aug. 14 2009

i downloaded the ost, but i was looking for the music that is on the home screen when you first start the game. do you think you can upload that? Thanks!

haley | Aug. 13 2009

nice game

Bobo | Aug. 12 2009

What is after the geen alien with no eyes, “dont panic” ??

Marko Taali | Aug. 12 2009

Hey! Nice to hear such good feedback.

You guys can find the link to our games’ OSTs right above the game window. ETRG original soundtrack is available at

You might also want to try Andrew The Droid’s OST from

If you’re into chiptunes you can check out my old experimental Ep from 2002 at

The new game we’re working on at the moment will also have music composed by me, so check back in couple of months for more!

Best regards,
Taali from ooPixel

Adam | Aug. 04 2009

yeah whats that cool song?

bob | Aug. 01 2009

That was some awesome music, where can I get more like it?

Radu C. | Jul. 27 2009

excellent music for an excellent little game. :D

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