Samegame Hexagonized

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A new version of the classic Samegame. Blocks are now hexagons.

Click groups of three or more hexagons to remove them. Clear the whole level to advance to next level. There are three special items available too.

Mouse only. Click groups of three or more blocks to remove them. Click on special item in the right side to use it.

alexis | Jun. 08 2011

I really loved samegame, but i must say the new one with hexagons are even better!

cindy | Oct. 28 2010

High scores post a few hours after being submitted.

cindy | Sep. 24 2010

When I resisted the urge to take more than two at a time on levels 5 and up, my scores improved.  Unfortunately, the high scores did not post despite being submitted.  Wonder what I did wrong.  Love the game!

Celia | Sep. 17 2010

I made it to level six once, but have not been able to get that far again. Still, keep trying.

Cindy | Sep. 16 2010

Finally reached level 8!  This level puts you in the six figures.  I wonder if there is a level 9????

PiggyHiggy | Aug. 29 2010

Yippee I no longer feel inadequate ; )

Jussi Kari | Aug. 28 2010

Yes, you are right, some of the highest scores are clearly hacked. There is some prevention stuff implemented to avoid that, but complete hack-proofness is simply impossible to implement, sorry :(

I have now cleared high scores completely so you can start conquering them again from the clean desk. Enjoy!


Cindy | Aug. 27 2010

Thanks!  What level are the high scorers typically reaching?

john VandenOever | Aug. 26 2010

Cindy—you’ll go further if you’ve reached six.  I’ve posted some high scores, but the scores at the top of the all-time list are obviously cheat scores.  They really should be removed, if possible!

Cindy | Aug. 25 2010

Love the hex samegame!  Just started playing about 3 weeks ago.  Took me about a week to realize the strategies I used for the first few levels were never going to work for the later levels.  Once I started taking “small bites”  I was able to get to level 6.  Have no idea how folks got those really high scores

Jussi Kari | Aug. 25 2010


Thanks for your kind words.

About those bubble popup things, you can disable them in lower right corner (see: [ ON ] Score Popups).

I hope that makes it even more enjoyable. Good luck removing all those nasty blocks! :)

boo | Aug. 23 2010

Very cool, love the hex, it changes the flow just enough to give this addict a new zing. The bonus items are not stupid, but very useful and fun, and doled out with perfect sparing economy. Playing a continuous game one level to the next seems a natural evolution, but I had never thought of it before, so I’ll call you genius [game creator]. The one aspect that really annoys me though, is the little post-click momentary hover bubble flag that appears with points-scored information every time I click. It’s totally in my way. It bugs me, and it’s really difficult to ignore. It might be cool to move that feature to the periphery.

I have the Ksame version on my Linux box. I’m an addict. My Linux box is not currently accessible. I was jonesin pretty bad. I’m on my Windows box. I found you with a “same game” search. Good game here. Thanks for the fix!

Dusty | Jun. 28 2010

Aha! I had to allow ShareThis! I don’t like it, but I’ll allow it temporarily.  I thought Share This was a ‘tracking’ site - doesn’t it collect info on browsing history & prefs?

Dusty | Jun. 28 2010

I still can’t get to the game.  Every link I click brings me back to this page.  What’s the secret?
Running Fx 3.6*, winblows XP, AdBlock enabled, Javascript enabled, NoScript allowing full domains by default (

Carol | Jun. 05 2010

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Jussi Kari | Apr. 16 2010

latora, Sorry, you can’t. The closest and only thing what we have currently have for iPhone or iPod Touch is Samegame Gravitized. Go check it out under category iPhone games.

latora greer | Apr. 16 2010

I love the game and would like to no how can i get it on my ipod.

Jussi Kari | Mar. 25 2010


Did you note the option to turn off those popups?

Jussi Kari

Free Online Games | Mar. 24 2010

Specifically, this game has the nice touch of the bonus items. They can help you out in a pinch, but I’ve still been unable to get past level 4.Also, the balloon popping up on the arrow to show you the number of boxes is a bit annoying. It often covers the blocks, I’d rather see the blocks.

JWO | Jan. 24 2010

Any developers out there with spare time—there are NO implementations I can find of of this game or SAMEGAME for blackberry and I think lots of us would like to have one….

Caroline | Nov. 15 2009

how h mrgat

Bannez1 | Sep. 23 2009

How can I get same game 2 Hexogone in my computer from yahoo to save so I can play it all the time?

let me know
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Bannez1 | Sep. 23 2009

Yeah your right it is a fun game I guess you have to play it more then once to like it.

Annie | Sep. 23 2009

What the hell is everyone complaining about? SameGame2 is fantastic and I’m well and truly hooked! Beats SG1. Please do continue giving us great games! Thanks!

Zenna | Sep. 19 2009

didnt like it to much.

Jussi Kari | Aug. 21 2009

This should work just like before… Only change is that it uses swfobject (javascript) to open the Flash and to auto focus it on IE browsers. So if you are using js blocker, try enabling swfobject. Google and Woopra scripts are not necessary to run games. I am myself using Firefox 3.5 to run this game - not problems. Let me know if you get it working or not.

Hey, why not try our Samegame Charged if you like original same game more? Or even the very first same game. Some prefer hexagons, some squares - we have it all :)

Uh, we have also a surprise coming soon for iPhone owners :)

Jen | Aug. 21 2009

I used to love the original version of same game with the big textiles.  Why the change.  Before Hurricane Katrina I had it save on a disk/jump drive.  Since these items were ruined there went my pasttime.

Dusty | Aug. 18 2009

Where’d the game go? I ussed to click on my bookmark and go right to it.  Now I have three bookmarks, and they all take me here.
I use Firefox 3.5 and NoScript. I’ve allowed every script except share this…Do I hahve to allow google syndication, woopra, and googleads.g.doubleclick? NOt that it helps - they’re temporary allowed now..

And before yo ask, yes, i have adobe flash - unless it’s blocked again (MS sucks)

I used to love SameGame Hex, for its quick load, simple design, smooth operation, etc. What happened? Did you guys sell out?

Jussi Kari | Aug. 04 2009

Thanks! Yeah, there is no full screen mode for any of our games. Actually,  there are quite few Flash games with full screen mode at all. That is mostly because of Flash restrictions (=keyboard does not work in full screen mode), performance issues,  graphics quality loss (pixels scaled), and additional work needed to make it work properly.

Try to enjoy these as they are :)

vivian gibson | Aug. 04 2009

love the game, but cannot get a full screen, thanks, vg

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