Samegame Gravitized


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Ever popular Samegame-series extends to iPhone with three game modes including gravitized mode, classic mode + puzzle levels.

Happy Birthday Andrew the Droid. We celebrated the birthday of Andrew the Droid and as a gift we’ve decided to permanently lower the price of Samegame Gravitized on iTunes! Andrew was born somewhere out there on 128th of The Great Horn in 20210 and now celebrates his 1st Birthday. Wow!


“This is much more than a block game, so you won’t get tired of it after a day of play.”
- iPhone Apps Finder

“Puzzle Mode is fantastic. It gives a new edge to gameplay, and makes logic and predictive thinking more of a factor.”

“It’s as casual as can be, and one of the most difficult match three’s you can find.”


Samegame Gravitized is an original game from ooPixel’s ever popular Samegame-series. Now extended to three game modes including PUZZLE LEVELS!

The goal is to remove groups of blocks of the same colour. The more you remove, the more points you will gain.


- Gravitized game mode
- Classic game mode
- Puzzle game mode
- Puzzle levels with difficulty rising from easy to insane
- Accelerometer enabled Gravitized mode (Tilt the phone to change gravity direction)
- New special blocks: Rainbow (any color) and skull blocks (explode a group)
- Awards included in all different modes
- High scores (gravitized and classic modes)
- Shapes on blocks (for people with color vision deficiency)
- Original sound effects, awesome graphics and stunning visual effects
- Endless hours of play time


Samegame Gravitized includes three game modes, GRAVITIZED MODE, CLASSIC MODE and PUZZLE MODE!

In GRAVITIZED mode you can rotate the device (slight rotate to left/right is enough) to change the gravity direction where the blocks fall to. You complete levels by removing enough blocks. CLASSIC mode is like Gravitized mode but without rotation support. PUZZLE mode includes predefined levels for you to complete. The levels will definitely challenge even the more advanced players.

Game includes special rainbow and skull blocks! Skull blocks allow you to explode a group of blocks. Rainbow block acts as a block of any color.

Complete different tasks to achieve awards! For example, explode 28 blocks with a single tap to get exploder award!

Both Gravitized and Classic modes have high scores enabled. You can also easily share your scores through Twitter or Facebook. You can also challenge your friends!


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Bill Meyers | May. 28 2011

I have lost more hours than I care to post playing this wondrous game. Thanks to Mark @ Sandiego Computer Repair for introducing me to the world of AGON.

Mathews | Dec. 03 2010

I found Samegame Gravitized very interesting and since there are three games to choose from, there will be no question of it getting monotonous and boring the player!! There is a write up of everything you would want to know about the game and I am sure itll be a favorite with many!!
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